A Thesis Presented to NSCAD University
in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of
Master of Fine Arts

By Christian McGinty-Steele
April 2022

Thesis Committee:
Solomon Nagler (Program Advisor), Professor, Division of Media Arts, Film
Julie Hollenbach, Assistant Professor, Division of Art History and Contemporary Culture
Kim Morgan, Professor, Division of Fine Arts, Sculpture
Land Acknowledgment
I’d like to acknowledge that Meditation on a Potential Death has been created in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. 
Additionally, my work is equally indebted to the west coast Coast Salish, Nuu-Chah-Nulth, and Kwakwaka'wakw Peoples. 
I was born and raised on the West Coast, and now live on the East Coast, and I am endlessly grateful to continue to have the privilege to live and work in these territories as an uninvited guest.
Throughout the creation of Meditation on a Potential Death I have received so much support, care, and love from so many people.  
Thank you to my many supervisors from my time in the MFA program. Karin Cope, you were such a grounding force for both myself and everyone in the program during such a scary and wild time. Solomon Nagler, you have provided me with opportunities and discussions that have made me infinitely more confident in knowing that what I make is worthwhile. Gary Markle, you provided me with such thoughtful conversations that always left me dreaming of bigger possibilities. Kim Morgan, you always made me feel as though whatever crazy, big, outlandish idea I may have had, it was possible, and I should absolutely pursue it. Julie Hollenbach, you have been such a thoughtful and caring advisor that has been such a positive force throughout my time in the program.
Additionally, I’d like to thank Mark Bovey and Mathew Reichertz for sitting on my review committees in my first year of the program.
A big thank you to Kelly Richardson for being such an invaluable mentor to me, and for all your insight and support you’ve given me all these years.
My fellow MFA classmates, you have all been there in various capacities, from the whisky-fueled nights that went way too late, the Drag Race viewing parties, the holiday feasts, and much more.
Kim and Allan, thank you for providing so much joy and care.
My mom, Rebecca, thank you for all the morning phone calls gossiping about everything and more, the weekend Facetimes that always ran just long enough, and the endless support. Jamie, for the help with moving, cooking for the wedding, and the occasional phone calls where I desperately need help figuring out how the hell to construct something. Brayden, for providing so many fun experiences, and being my gamer buddy. Sawyer, for being absolutely hilarious and so kind, as well as also being my gamer buddy. 
My auntie Christel, tack så mycket för din kärlek och ditt stöd. Stora kramar.
My partner, Scott, for always keeping me laughing, sane, caffeinated, and loved.  
And of course, my dad, Eli. Thank you for all you’ve given me, I love you.