Christian McGinty (he/they) is a visual artist whose practice encompasses digital media and installation. He constructs dense collages, blending found and newly created media to evoke eerie narratives reflecting his lived experiences. These deeply personal works aim to resonate with viewers by incorporating a diverse array of found media, encouraging them to discover elements of their own experiences within the work.

McGinty's thesis work, Meditation on a Potential Death, examined the trauma surrounding his father's attempted suicide, utilizing media from various sources such as YouTube videos, films, advertisements, and popular music. McGinty's recent research focuses on the queer history of techno, viewing its futuristic and endurance-driven beats as metaphors for urban living. Residing in Vancouver, he is intrigued by the city's stark contrast between futurity and urban/socio-economic decay. His current work integrates 3D programs, AI art, DJ mixes, and video game engines.

McGinty's career includes exhibitions at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, The Polygon Gallery, and with the MSVU Art Gallery. He has received prestigious honors, such as the BC Arts Council Scholarship, being both short and longlisted for the Philip B. Lind Emerging Artist Prize, and the University of Victoria John Locke Malkin scholarship. He has self-published two books, Bounty and Animism, and he has contributed to the arts community through curatorial projects, mentorship, and teaching roles at institutions such as Nocturne Festival, NSCAD University, and the University of Victoria.