Abominations (combined view) 2020, 12:00 loop, 1 channel audio, 1-3 channel 4K/HD video installation (variable), variable dimensions

Abominations is a digital stained glass, showcasing people ebbing and flowing from a more reserved, “pious” state to a more liberated self. For this, I looked at a broad swath of religions, but found there to be a similarity among the dominant religions of “abominations;” these sinful people practice idolatry, illicit sex, and so on. While this is how abominations are described by the major religious beliefs, looking at Aleister Crowley’s writings, and his religion, Thelema, there is a major goddess named Babylon, but who also is named The Scarlet Woman as well as The Mother of Abominations. She represents the liberated woman and female sexual impulse, which was not believed to be a negative label, but rather something to be celebrated. Looking at these varying ideas of abominations, I visually explored my own questions surrounding religious beliefs as a queer person navigating our contemporary digital world.